Discuss and understand your business’ numbers

We believe that analytics and reporting are more powerful when everyone involved provides their input.

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Here’s what you can do:
* create reports really easily using our excel-like table
* choose between line, bar, pie or doughnut charts
* upload your data from a CSV
* build dashboards from your reports
* share reports and dashboards
* gather insights, intelligence and feedback in one place

Why collaborative analytics?

Business intelligence solutions are really a misnomer. The intelligence is not in the solution, but within the business. That business can be your colleagues, your customers or your suppliers.

Successful businesses can unlock the insights from their analytics when they can corral the intelligence of their business. Zen Reports enables you to do this with its collaborative analytics concept.

Create your reports, place them into dashboards and then share them with your team by providing a URL via email or your preferred collaborative tool such as slack. Controlling sharing is a simple as flicking a switch in the interface – if you no longer want your data visible, you can remove a share.

Once your data has been shared, your team members can provide their feedback and share it with the rest of the group; that way everyone shares their insights and intelligence, breaking down silos across your business and providing valuable information.

Start using Zen Reports today and see how it can help you transform your business.