Technology Marketing Services

Businesses use Digital Possibilities marketing services when they need complex concepts decoded and explained to their target audience.

Typically companies may experience underperformance and turn to us to:

• create a consistent set of messaging to be used across their business.

• avoid their sales force having to create their own collateral rather than selling.

• bring clarity to product positioning, making sure that it is targeted towards addressing customer pain-points.

• optimize their client-facing collateral for tablets and smartphones as well as web; whether used by the sales force or directly by clients.

We provide:

• analysis of technology, audience, competition and markets by people who really understand technology and how it can benefit customers.

• definition of messaging, differentiation and positioning.

• sales preparation: FAQ, product information cards, competitive benchmarking.

• market outreach: white papers, brochures, e-content, websites and social media positioning.

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Service Highlight: Whitepapers

We specialize in creating effective whitepapers that are designed to achieve their corporate goal. Not only do our whitepapers feature strong, valuable content; they are also designed specifically for the iPad.

With a tablet computer, the richness of the interaction is much greater. In your whitepaper you can include videos, graphics, animations and so much more which can better tell your story than simple text. At Digital Possibilities, we believe that launching just a PDF-based whitepaper is leaving opportunity on the table.

We can help by converting your current whitepapers to an iPad format, or by creating from the ground-up a totally new white paper for your business.

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