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  • Technology Solutions to Address the Healthcare Crisis

    Western societies are living a healthcare crisis today. As society is aging, and it is becoming increasing sick with chronic diseases such as diabetes, the number of people who are sick are increasing. This is creating burdens on our healthcare systems and on the whole of society.

    At Digital Possibilities, we believe that technology has an important part in helping us address the healthcare crisis, and we are proud of the part we have played in bringing solutions to market. Our team has over 10 years experiencing in delivering healthcare solutions. We have been involved in delivering: PACS solutions, pharmaceutical and physician remote detailing solutions, KOL marketing solutions, physician mobile and tablet solutions, consumer-focused healthcare tablet applications and medicare-assistance websites.

    Our team at Digital Possibilities has worked on healthcare solutions marketed in Canada, the United States and globally. We have experience in delivering systems that meet: 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and pharmaceutical legal requirements.

  • Addressing Patient Concerns with Technology

    Healthcare is often difficult for patients. It can be extremely difficult and overwhelming to understand all the different aspects of healthcare that they need to in order to take control of their health. At Digital Possibilities, when we approach healthcare consumer needs, we address them by simplifying health as much as possible.

    Technology can be used to simplify healthcare. New technologies, such as wearable technology, smartphones, tablets, Apple’s M7 processor and the Internet cloud can address many healthcare needs. Moreover, healthcare technology itself is often extremely complicated with a need to integrate information from many different systems. We believe that this can only serve the consumer if this complexity is managed through well designed technology solutions that request and present information in a simple, understandable manner for consumers.

  • Helping Healthcare Startups

    At Digital Possibilities, we have experience in helping start-ups in the healthcare space by developing early prototypes to attract funding, creating healthcare standard solutions, architecture and designs. Our approach is to work closely with a start-up as part of the team to help get quick results at a reasonable price, in order to ensure success.

    Our strong belief is that start-ups can bring a fantastic level of innovation to society that can help drive great healthcare outcomes though the implementation of new technologies.

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Insight into the Possibilities Technology Brings to Healthcare

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