Yahoo Has Made a Good Choice with Marissa Mayer

Posted on August 14, 2012

To general surprise, Yahoo announced today that it was hiring Marissa Mayer as their CEO to replace acting CEO Ross Levinsohn.

Mayer has been at Google since college, she was employee number 20, and has run a good number of Google’s products as well as being a very popular public face. This appointment is good for Yahoo and good for Mayer, even though it is very tough.

Yahoo is a bit of mixed bag of a company. It has some very strong content properties such as Yahoo Finance, and some product properties such as Flickr. Where Yahoo has been particularly weak has been with its products. Hence, someone with a strong product focus should be able to help the company better leverage those assets. Especially Flickr, which is awful to use, but still has a lot of potential.

For Mayer, this is a great job. Sure, she could have stayed at Google, but to do what? Clearly Larry and Sergei are taking on more and more of the product responsibility, and will continue to manage the company for the foreseeable future. Mayer’s career was certainly stalled there. It’s great that she has decided to take on this challenging role.

Our best wishes to Marissa Mayer at Yahoo!