Why the iOS iWork Update Makes the iPad a more Compelling Business Tool for your Workflow

Posted on December 5, 2012

The refrain from many has been that the iPad is a content consumption tool, but content consumption today also means the ability to interact with it. As part of our work today, we do have a lot of documents that need to be read and interacted with.

How do you want to read those documents? Do you print them out, read them on your computer screen or on your tablet? Printing is not a perfect option, papers tend to get lost and it’s hard to search through notes and indeed to share them. Computer screens are often uncomfortable for reading and are a very distracting environment.

So that leaves tablets. Tablets can be the ideal device for reading business documents and making annotations and notes.

With the latest update to iWork, Apple has recognized this and added the ability to track changes to Pages. This means that you can receive a document from someone, read it, make your comments and send it back, all from your tablet. And if you have a Mac, that same document would be available in Pages on your computer using iCloud syncing.

This is the future of using the device that is best suited to what we want to achieve and having cloud software providing the appropriate data on that device.

As someone heavily involved in marketing, I receive a lot of documents to review, and documents with review marks from others. The ability to address comments directly on the iPad will make my workflow that much more efficient and effective.

How will you use Pages on iPad in your Workflow?