Vermont Tech Jam’s Lessons for Montreal

Posted on October 27, 2012

Vermont has held its annual Tech Jam, a gathering of some of the most important and high-profile technology companies in the state. The goals of the Tech Jam are multiple:

• to highlight the innovation in the state
• create interest in technology amongst youth
• provide a forum for companies looking to hire.

The energy at the event this Friday was quite incredible. School kids were really interested in some of the new technology on display, and they were very interested in meeting some of Vermont’s innovators.

It was also a great opportunity for Vermont’s tech businesses to get together and meet each other, especially for some of the people who normally would not get out of the office.

Montreal should also follow Vermont’s example with a tech fair that could really showcase the innovation in the city and raise the profile of the tech community. As a whole, Montreal has a tendency to undervalue its tech innovation which is actually vibrate.

The city of Montreal, with it’s large number of university students is a perfect incubator of innovation, and could definitely profit from raising the overall profile of its tech community. Moreover, by giving younger children a taste of the excitement of technology, its applications and its future, we could have more becoming involved and seeing an entrepreneurial future for themselves.

Hence events such as a tech jam, complementing others such as the Start-up festival, could certainly add to that overall increase in awareness.