US Smartphone Marketshare: Android and iOS remain the major players

Posted on March 29, 2012

According to a new report from Nielsen, US smartphone market share has now reached 50% of mobile ownership.

Nielsen US Smartphone market share

One more interesting statistic is the smartphone operating system market share. While Android is still the largest platform at 48%, in the last three months Apple’s market share has reached 43% from under 32%.

Nielsen US Smartphone market share

This could be due to the iPhone 4S being released just before Christmas and Nielsen is tracking these new customers. It could also reflect a long term trend of more carriers such as Sprint and Verizon now having the iPhone, so people who were forced before to buy Android phones due to carrier lock-in (or hatred of AT&T) can now choose the iPhone.

Another interesting statistic: BlackBerry’s market share has plummeted.

Android and iOS remain the two principal platforms that mobile strategies need to accommodate.