Twitterific’s New Design is Part of a Trend: Cool, Clean and Made for the iPad Mini?

Posted on December 6, 2012

Twitterific from Iconfactory is one of the oldest third party twitter clients available; and they’ve just launched a new version, Twitterific 5, for the iPhone and the iPad.

The design language in the application is amazing. It places, in my opinion, Twitterific in the vanguard of applications that are successfully applying zen principles of calm and white space.

Applications that I enjoy using are those such as Feedly that have a very uncluttered, basic design language; and today Twitterific has joined that group. Any application that enables you to get to your content in an enjoyable, stress-free way will be more preferable to me than one with a lot of eye-candy.

Compare and contrast Twitterific with the official Twitter App. Which one is more visually appealing? Which one is more visually simple?

Twitter Stream in Twitterific 5

Twitter Stream in Twitterific 5

Twitter Stream in Official Twitter App

Twitter Stream in Official Twitter App

Was Twitterific 5 Designed for the iPad Mini?

I have always argued that tablet applications should be designed specifically for the iPad Mini, given its smaller physical screen size. Apple, and many other designers have eschewed this principle suggesting that applications designed specifically for the classic iPad work well with the iPad Mini.

One thing I instantly noticed with Twifferific 5 was that the size of the text seemed just a little too big for my iPad classic, as though if you were designing for that device you might make things smaller and have more tweets on the page.

Then it occurred to me that Iconfactory may have actually designed their application from the ground up for the smaller form factor iPad Mini and made sure it looked perfect there, and then scaled up to the larger iPad classic.

Should You Take Advantage of the 50% of Twitterific Today?

Do you use twitter? YES.

What can We Learn from Twitterific 5?

The key learning here is that great design can and should be visually simple to enable users to better engage with the content. Apps like Twitteric and Feedly are showing the way to what I think will be the most important design paradigm and trends for the next couple of years. Best be on the crest of that wave.

Also, designing tablet applications first for the iPad mini is a must. It may not have the largest market share today, but within 12-18months we can expect it to be more popular than its larger sized brethren, so for most applications, designs should be produced that work best on the mini rather than best on the classic.

What do you think of Twitterific 5?