Tour Guide Applications on iPhone

Posted on July 16, 2012

Having a mobile device that is able to give you information about where you are is a quite amazing new innovation that can be used in many scenarios. In a city like Montréal where there are many tours and many reasons to have tours, such an application can be extremely useful.

Imagine a scenario where you would like to promote different products in different speciality shops. For example, let’s say you are promoting independent cafes and speciality food shops. Foodies may want to plan out upfront the different establishments that they would like to visit.

With an application on their phone, they can do this, and then receive an alert when they are in the vicinity of such an establishment, or they can create an effective walking / public transit or car tour.What makes this really fantastic is that people can easily and simply create their own experience of a city or place in a way that is particularly simple.

For organizations that would like to offer certain products, this is a nice way to allow a user to select up-front what they want to check out, without having to follow a complicated planning route.

Mobile use-cases can, and in many cases should, be combined with a web-based selection. Hence, a computer can be used to selecting interesting locals / products, and the information can be sent to a mobile application and stored for offline viewing at a later date when the person is performing their tour. For tourists, it is of course important to do this offline as they will most probably not have a data connection due to excessive roaming charges from their carrier.

A city such as Montréal can benefit from applications like these due to their wealth of independent stores, whether selling clothing, food, art or native crafts.