This could make ebooks awesome 

Posted on February 3, 2016

We all know that ebooks haven’t reached their potential yet. It seems that publishers are being very timid and thinking of them as paper analogues.

But of course, ebooks can do so much more. One of the really features in iBooks is the ability to look up a word, the define feature as Apple calls it. 

Example of the define feature in Ibooks

Image though if we take this idea even further. I’m cute reading a Science-fiction story which effectively introduces a lot of new words into the vocabulary of the story. The same is true by the way for historical fiction or Asian fiction.

The standard dictionaries used by Apple of course do not cover all these words, especially in Science-fiction or fantasy where many are made up.

In an ebook, a publisher could include an e dictionary embedded in the book and available through define. I know many people who would find this to be of great value!