The Popularity of Apple TV

Posted on October 28, 2015

There’s never really been a TV system quite like the new Apple TV. That might sound like hyperbole, but consider that it has two advantages going for it.

Apple TV is Popular

Most people I’ve come across that have a current Apple TV have been delighted with it. Oh sure, there are those who complain about the tap-tap-tap of the remote or lack of universal search, but as a front end to services like Netflix or an Airplay client, it’s great.

Sure, there are other competitors like Amazon’s Fire TV, Chromecast or Boxie, and they do have their advocates. That’s just fine, there are many customers who like these products and love the ecosystem they belong too. The flip side is equally true with Apple TV. There are a lot of high-value consumers who love Apple products, from iPhones, to iPads and MACs that are ready consumers for Apple TV.

Lots of Apple Developers

Which brings me to my second point about the number of Apple developers. According to this Quora post, there are 212k developers. Thats’s a lot of people who can develop applications for the Apple TV. The same post even states that there are more developers in Google’s Play ecosystem! So that’s great news for Google, but what I think is more interesting is to compare that with the developers who can build for other systems such as PlayStation or Xbox.

Game Console Light

There’s no way that Apple TV will compete head-on with PlayStation or Xbox. These ecosystems have serious games that take a lot of very specialized people a lot of time to create. These are amazing games that have a level of sophistication that I find amazing. And there is an audience for these games and that’s perfect.

But I’m convinced that there is another audience of would be gamers that see computer games as an occasional thing rather than a main pastime. This audience was captured ten years ago by Nintendo’s Wii, and I think this is the audience that is up for grabs with Apple TV. Indeed, during the keynote where the new TV was unveiled, Apple showed the simple game of Frogger – perfect for this audience of “light” gamers.

Apple TV will be Popular

Given the installed base of customers, and new potential Apple ecosystem customers, given the installed base of developers and given the market demand for light games, Apple TV could well be very popular in the living room, especially for Christmas 2016!

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