The End of Paper Five Years Away – how will you react?

Posted on February 14, 2012

Seth Godin has published a post today on the end of paper, suggesting that it is about five years away. With the increasing use of iPads to complement and replace standard computers, it makes sense that paper will be needed less and less. This marks a very exciting development for content creators too, and Godin made this very clear in his introduction:

The book itself is changed. I’m putting the finishing touches on a manifesto I hope to share soon, and I found myself writing differently because I understood that the medium that was going to be used to acquire, consume and share the book was different.

When you think about writing a book or other content for the iPad, you think differently. You think to include videos, slideshows, demonstrations, music. You can enrich your prose like no other by stimulating the auditory and visual senses, or show things that are difficult to explain.

While there are some frameworks available such as iBooks Author, some providers will want very specific designs to really make their content work as well as possible; that’s why Digital Possibilities exists!