The Benefits of a Multi-device World

Posted on February 28, 2012

The smartphone space is a very interesting one today, with so many vendors, especially in the Android space. This is spurring a lot of innovation, certainly keeping Apple on its toes, and making sure that there are lots of options for different use cases.

Samsung has recently launched its new smartphone, the Galaxy note. This is a large scale device, somewhere really between a smartphone and a tablet in physical size, but it comes with a stylus. For most people, this phone will be too big, and the use of a stylus will be cumbersome. Yet for a niche of certain people, may be architects or engineers who need to sketch a lot, this may be a very welcome feature.

In a mono-supplier universe, this kind of diversity and innovation will not happen. Witness the uniformity of Apple’s solutions. But in the market where Android is, diversity and the ability to select a product based on your specific needs is clearly of great value.

For business and enterprise applications where the park of devices is centrally purchased and managed, Android or other diverse operating systems (such as Windows 8 later this year) may well be a much better choice than, say, the market leader. When selecting a platform, many different use cases and requirements need to be taken into account.

Many people today are still loving their Blackberries. The hardware keyboard has a lot of adepts; and it’s great that they have this option on the market. With the upcoming release of the new RIM operating system later this year, it will be interesting to see what new applications may be released onto the platform.

As a solution provider, Digital Possibilities can work with clients to help select the best platform for their needs and develop applications to meet their business goals.