Ten Ways the New iPad Mini will Create Opportunities for Business

Posted on October 22, 2012

On Tuesday 23rd October, Apple is expected to reveal their long awaited smaller iPad. There are a lot of ideas about what this device is expected to achieve and what it will be like, and in any case it will provide opportunities for business.

As of yet, as the name of the device has not been announced, we will for thr purposes of this article call it the iPad Mini!

The iPad mini is expected to be around 8 inches diagonally compared with 10 for the standard iPad and 7inches for the RIM Playbook, Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

A new form factor will share some of the same uses as the standard iPad, but with its different physical size, can expect the new iPad mini to be better adapted to other uses. In this article we will identify some of those benefits.

1. Logistics

For any company that has to scan in and scan out its, deliver, pick and process, the new smaller size is great. It can still show a lot of information on the screen (maps, delivery address etc) but is still very portable.

2. ePublication, eBooks and eMagazines

One of the rumours surrounding the iPad mini is that it will be focused on delivering books. So if you are in the publishing business, getting your content optimized for the iPad mini will help you get a head start on the competition.

3. Going Paperless

Is one of your environmental goals to go paperless? Would that mean giving all of your knowledge workers a tablet? At a lower price point that would be much more achievable with an iPad mini.

4. Enhancing the Education Market

Kids will be a prime target for a cheaper iPad mini. At $500 dollars you might be reticent to give your kids an iPad, but at $250-$300 you may be much more willing. In addition, the smaller size may be much better adapted to smaller hands.

Any company that is targeting children and their educational needs should jump aboard the iPad mini bandwagon as soon as they can to ensure that their content is prepared for launch.

5. Location-Based Applications

The iPad has not always been a bit big for real location-based use by consumers. A smaller iPad mini, being so much more portable, might be a better device for such services. The iPad mini will find itself in more purses, bags, cares, restaurants, buses, trains and airports than its larger sibling.

If you have a location-based aspect to your business offering, make sure it is available on the iPad to take advantage of this new device.

6. Portable Form Filling

Forms are everywhere. In the street, as part of quality assurance services and where forms can be portable, it makes sense to allow them to be filled in on the spot and have the data stored or transferred. A smaller device, being more portable, can make this process work better.

7. Gaming

Smaller devices, more devices, games are going to be use on the iPad mini. Making sure that the graphics are adapted to the new screen size will make your game sing on this new device. I think that the iPad mini will push Apple even further towards being the biggest, most important gaming platform on the planet.

8. Point of Sales

It’s almost unimaginable today buying a cash register with systems such as square that work on the iPad. Expect the new iPad mini to be appearing at smaller stores near you. There is a wonderful coffee bar on the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal with a very limited offering. A smaller POS based on the iPad mini would be perfect for their vibe and their needs.

9. On the Beach

For some iPad and iPhone owners, the new iPad mini may be their second tablet device that they take with them in situations where the larger device might be dangerous, for example, on the beach. On the beach, you know that sand and water might damage your device, but if it’s cheaper, you might not be so bothered.

I think there is opportunity for case manufacturers to make cases for tough environments and children for the iPad mini.

10. Enhancing Retail

There are many ways in which mobile touch technology can enhance the retail experience, from in-store displays to consumer apps. A smaller iPad mini would make those instore displays just about the right size, offering more depth to product displays. Expect to see them mushrooming.

Also, expect to see more customers getting out their iPad minis to check on your products and even the price of your competitors. This is the era of show rooming after all!

The iPad mini is expected to be huge, and going into the Christmas period Apple is expected to sell many, many of them. They will also be looking to highlight apps that have been adapted to the iPad mini screen size and the portability of their use. If you are quick, you stand an increased chance of being featured, and that will increase your audience.

In any case, this is a very exciting addition to the iOS family that will increase quite dramatically the audience for iOS tablet applications. It’s for businesses to seize the opportunities that are offered!

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