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Five ideas on how Apple watch can enhance your app, service and brand

Apple recently announced that they will be releasing a new wearable device, the Apple watch early in 2015. This is clearly a new type of device and the big question that was not really answered by Apple is how will the watch enhance our lives. Why would I decide to buy a new Apple computer to wear on my wrist? What are the advantages of doing so? These questions ...

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What Mobile Applications can Learn from Montréal’s Mirabel Airport

I find Montréal's Mirabel airport absolutely fascinating. Imagine building the world's second largest airport only to close it down a few years later. But, to my eyes, Mirabel was not only an airport, it was also a dream to make things better for the traveler, with a lot of interesting concepts. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to use Mirabel, arriving in ...

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