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How a Successful ello.co can help Montréal Tech Companies

Ello.co has had a great week. The Burlington, Vermont based start-up has seen amazing demand for its newly launched social network. This is clearly great news. A social network thrives from connected people using it, so ello.co clearly needs everyone to have enough of their friends using the network to make it valuable. Otherwise, well, ello.co could become the next ...

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Delighting Users Forever

A consistently successful application can be one that has a particular use for which it excels; but oftentimes these apps are also successful because they delight their users. This delight can be in small ways, in how well the application works, in how it makes life easy, or in how it looks. Evernote delights because a note created on an iPhone appears instantly on ...

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Respect is the Key Take-Away from the Path Fiasco

Path has changed their application to no-longer upload users' contacts without permission. MG Siegler made the point that this is standard practice: Here’s the other key thing: a number of your favorite social apps do the exact same thing. And some have for a very long time — for years, actually. The fact that there hasn’t been an issue in all these years ...

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