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MG Siegler: Develop for Mobile before the Web – Passbook shows you why you should

This weekend MG Siegler, the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist and erstwhile blogger wrote: Don’t build an app based on your website. Build the app that acts as if websites never existed in the first place. Build the app for the person who has never used a desktop computer. Because they’re coming. Soon. His argument is that there are still too many compan...

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The iPhone 5 Has Received an Extraordinary Reaction in the Press

MG Siegler makes the strongest, most direct point: I really do believe this is the best iPhone upgrade that Apple has done yet (besting the iPhone-to-iPhone 3G jump and the iPhone 3GS-to-iPhone 4 jump). As such, it’s the best version of the iPhone yet. By far. This article will discuss some of the comments from the tech-press on the iPhone 5 and what it means ...

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MG Siegler Really Likes the Android Nexus 7 Tablet

Journalist and VC MG Siegler, who is usually very focused on the Apple world, has posted a review of Google's Android Nexus 7 tablet on Techcrunch, and he really likes it. I like the Nexus 7. I really like it. I was out of town during Google I/O this year and missed the opportunity to see the unveiling and get my hands on the product a few weeks back. But ...

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Respect is the Key Take-Away from the Path Fiasco

Path has changed their application to no-longer upload users' contacts without permission. MG Siegler made the point that this is standard practice: Here’s the other key thing: a number of your favorite social apps do the exact same thing. And some have for a very long time — for years, actually. The fact that there hasn’t been an issue in all these years ...

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