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Apple’s 4G LTE Legal Woes

Built with the latest in wireless technology, the new iPad lets you connect to fast data networks around the world — up to 4G LTE. apple.com (28th March 2012) According to Apple's website, and without looking at the small print (only lawyers do that) you would think that your new iPad 3 would be able to connect to LTE networks in Australia and ...

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How can Apple make the iPad 4 even better?

The new iPad (3) has been on people's desks for less than a week, and we're already wondering what Apple can do for an encore. I mean, how can you make the market leading tablet even better and even more market leading? Let's look at what makes the iPad 3: • Industry leading retina display. No other manufacturer has such good technology, not even on phones ...

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iPad 3 will be 4G LTE enabled

According to sources at the Wall Street Journal,and reported by AllthingsD, Apple's new iPad 3, expected to be unveiled on 7th March will be enabled with 4G LTE services. This sounds about right to us at Digital Possibilities. The technology has been around for about 12 months so has had some time to mature; hence it might be good enough now to meet Apple's standa...

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