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Get Ready for the 7inch iPad mini – Implications for Applications

The rumor du jour appears to be a new addition to the iPad family, the 7inch iPad Mini. The existence and commercialization of such a device has been often foretold, but Apple has not as yet released such a device. If they do through, service providers need to be ready to deal with the implications. Steven Jobs famously said that to operate a 7inch tablet one would ...

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The Effect of Kindle having half the Android Tablet Market

According to ComScore, in February 2012 Amazon's Kindle Fire has over half of the Android tablet market with 54.4% share. The second highest vendor was Samsung with 15.4%. This clearly shows that the most important Android tablet today is Amazon's Kindle, and that developers who want to produce an application for an Android tablet should, in most cases, target the ...

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Tablets – Are They Making Content Creation More Feasible?

It’s usually with a condescending tone that many people consider tablets to be “only consumption devices.” If this is true, can the iPad remain competitive when faced with the Amazon Kindle Fire? And yet, the iPad is selling much, much better. If the tablet is only a content consumption device, why is Microsoft reportedly bringing Office to the iPad? Why is ...

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Android Tablets Still Not Going Anywhere

Figures from the USA Today's application downloads bring evidence that Android tablets have not yet been heavily adopted. What's striking is that the Kindle Fire has a lot more downloads than base Android, even though Android tablets have about 9 months head-start on the Kindle. That shows the platform is not getting traction. (Source: http://www.geekwire.c...

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