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Why iBooks Author Should be Merged with Pages (hint: the iPad)

The paperless office has always been a dream of environmentalists and office productivity aficionados, but the reality has never lived up to the dream. Part of the reason, I think, is that technology has not been able to offer solutions that are, frankly, as good as traditional paper. It's just so easy and convenient to take a piece of paper and write down on it ...

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Duarte’s Resonate now Available on iBooks

Duarte, the presentation design company, have released their latest book, Resonate, in iBooks using iBooks Author: The app enabled our designers to create and convey content not possible on the printed page. Resonate’s original print publication contained references to online multimedia content, but it was a separate experience from reading the book. With the ...

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The End of Paper Five Years Away – how will you react?

Seth Godin has published a post today on the end of paper, suggesting that it is about five years away. With the increasing use of iPads to complement and replace standard computers, it makes sense that paper will be needed less and less. This marks a very exciting development for content creators too, and Godin made this very clear in his introduction: The book ...

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