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Is Facebook Really Over?

According to some reports in the media, teens are deserting Facebook to engage with their friends elsewhere, such as in Snapchat or Whatsapp. Does this signal the beginning of the end for Facebook or is this just a grievous misunderstanding?

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Facebook’s Phone

Henry Blodget at Business Insider has written a post about how Facebook's forey into a mobile phone would be a disaster. If Facebook is serious about jumping into making smartphones with both feet this time, Facebook investors should be very afraid. I tend to agree with Henry. There are so many elements that make a mobile phone platform attractive, that it's so ...

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The Change of Titans: Facebook’s ‘Microsoft Patent Purchase

Five years ago, if you said that Facebook would pay Microsoft over half a billion dollars for patents, no one would have believed you. It shows how the power in the tech world is moving from web 1.0 to web 2.0 companies. That Microsoft decided that the monetary value today of their patents was worth more than future potential revenues shows where they think their ...

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What Facebook will do with Instagram

Facebook's purchase of Instagram is certainly a great accomplishment for the guys behind this application. Their business model of building audience rather than profits has certainly paid off for them. The big question now, is what is Facebook going to do with Instagram? Here are 5 outcomes that we believe may happen:- 1.Do nothing - they can continue to let ...

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