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Facebook’s Phone

Henry Blodget at Business Insider has written a post about how Facebook's forey into a mobile phone would be a disaster. If Facebook is serious about jumping into making smartphones with both feet this time, Facebook investors should be very afraid. I tend to agree with Henry. There are so many elements that make a mobile phone platform attractive, that it's so ...

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Consumer Reports Cries Wolf

Business Insider is not known for its support of Apple products, but they have come out heavily against Consumer Reports treatment of the iPad heat-gate. But it turns out that the "new iPad gets too hot" thing was just a bunch of hot air. PCWorld did its own tests. Here's what it found: • Yes, the new iPad runs modestly hotter than the old iPad, but only ...

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Can Google Win in Hardware?

Google is trying to break into hardware by launching a wireless sound system; probably the first of many initiatives to create a vertically-integrated hardware and software business. Business Insider raises a very good point: Google has never shown that it has any of the characteristics necessary to build, market, and sell consumer goods. I would totally agree. ...

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