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67% of SMBs think Mobile Won’t Impact them. Opportunity!

According to a survey by Manta (via [screenwerk][http://screenwerk.com/2013/10/29/survey-67-of-smbs-dont-think-mobile-will-impact-them-this-holiday-season/]), 67% of SMBs don't think that mobile will effect them this holiday season. That means that 67% of SMBs are clearly missing out on the ...

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Montréal Mobile Developers Use Apps to Entice New Customers

Mobile applications on the smartphone and tablet can open up your services to a new raft of users. For example, Digital Possibilities has recently been investigating an application within the tourism field close to Montréal in order to do this. The goal of the application would be twofold: Draw in new participants - having an application can bring in new visitors ...

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