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The Popularity of Apple TV

There's never really been a TV system quite like the new Apple TV. That might sound like hyperbole, but consider that it has two advantages going for it. Apple TV is Popular Most people I've come across that have a current Apple TV have been delighted with it. Oh sure, there are those who complain about the tap-tap-tap of the remote or lack of universal search, but ...

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Get Ready for the 7inch iPad mini – Implications for Applications

The rumor du jour appears to be a new addition to the iPad family, the 7inch iPad Mini. The existence and commercialization of such a device has been often foretold, but Apple has not as yet released such a device. If they do through, service providers need to be ready to deal with the implications. Steven Jobs famously said that to operate a 7inch tablet one would ...

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Microsoft Invests $300 Million in the Nook

Microsoft and Barnes and Noble have announced that Microsoft will invest $300 million in the Nook and it will be spun off as a separate joint venture. It may seem,  just as Microsoft is on the cusp of releasing Windows 8, strange of them to invest in a rival platform that's based on a forked version of Google's Android platform. Aren't they helping a competitor? I ...

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How much should an e-book cost?

With the kerffule this week over the US Department of Justice's case against Apple and the large publishing houses, it's interesting to look at what an e-book should actually cost. Amazon has been selling e-books at around $9.99, which was a price point that created a lot of traction for the e-book industry and saw it taking a large part of book sales, even increa...

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Amazon should partner with RIM to build a smartphone

Successful mobile phone ecosystems in the future are going to feature a whole range of devices to access data and consume content. Amazon has a strong presence with its Kindle range of devices, and arguably is strong on the web, but has little or no direct control over smartphones. It has borrowed space on smartphones today with its kindle book reader for iOS and ...

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