Tablets May Supersede Laptops but not Desktops

Posted on February 28, 2012

What’s interesting is that down the time tablets may replace much of what people buy a laptop to do, and we may see a move back towards desktop machines. Laptops are great today because you can use them at home, work and in the coffee shop; but they do remain heavy and bulky.

What if tablets become much better at most of the things you want to do in a day: email, word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations and Internet? Would that be enough for you to carry around from your desktop at work to your desktop at home? As Steve Jobs said, you will really then have a Mack truck for your heavy lifting, but most of your travel is done on a super light, portable tablet.

As desktop OS become more like mobile OS, or include features of mobile OS, designers and developers will get much better at making applications efficient, productive and very capable in tablet style interfaces. For example Adobe has just released Photoshop on the iPad – I’m sure they’ll keep adding capabilities to make it more and more useful for more and more use cases.

The future is interesting!