Tablets – Are They Making Content Creation More Feasible?

Posted on February 27, 2012

It’s usually with a condescending tone that many people consider tablets to be “only consumption devices.” If this is true, can the iPad remain competitive when faced with the Amazon Kindle Fire?

And yet, the iPad is selling much, much better. If the tablet is only a content consumption device, why is Microsoft reportedly bringing Office to the iPad? Why is Adobe releasing a Photoshop tablet edition?

Is it feasible that content can be actually produced on a tablet? To all intents and purposes it would seem so. Interestingly, most of the articles on this blog have been produced on an iPad. My overall feeling is that the experience you have with an iPad is much more personal, and when writing it can be easier to put down those more personal thoughts.

So what conditions our choice of creating content on a computer or on a tablet? Can it be preference for the kind of content we’re making (can touch be more adapted to some content than a mouse)? Can it be the location we’re in (there was a guy this morning on a bus creating content on his Android tablet)? Or can it be a question of portability (my laptop is too heavy)

In the near term, most people will still use their computer for generating most of their content, but expect to see an increasing number of use cases for tablets taking some of that role.

And if we come back to the original premise that tablets are consumption devices, is it not true that in our socially networked world, even when consuming are we not creating content too? Do we not retweet interesting articles? Do we not comment? Do we not update our status on facebook. Where is the line between consumption and creation? Is creation today not fully intertwined with everything that we consume?

That being true, can the facility with which tablets enable consumption, equate too to an increase in content creation? Can the benefit of the iPad over the Kindle Fire be that in consuming it also makes content creation easier? Does it therefore appeal to a natural human desire to make more content and be more visible in our societies?

When looking at your own activities and those of your staff and customers, how can a tablet make it easier for them to generate their own content? How can that simplicity bring you competitive advantage?