Survey Shows Enterprises Moving to iPhone and iPad Development

Posted on July 26, 2012

A new survey from IDC and the multi-platform development framework supplier Appcelerator show that interest in developing for the iOS platform within companies is growing at the expense of Android.

This makes sense in many ways. A major driver of this, one would expect, is the decline of RIM and the expectation that companies must plan for a post-BlackBerry future.

The most solid, lowest risk platform today is iOS. Android is less secure and product cycles are less predictable than Apple’s annual update. Added to this the solidity of the iOS development platform, and additional third-party frameworks, and iOS seems like a good bet.

Remember that in the enterprise market, risk reduction is a large driver of decision-making. The old adage “No-one gets fired for buying IBM” can just as much apply here “No-one will get fired for choosing the iPhone.”