RIM’s Postponing of 2013 Seems to Have Sealed its Fate

Posted on June 28, 2012

Well, it looks like RIM is going to be soon in Nortel mode. They announced today that their BB10 operating system will not be ready until 2013 and that feels way too long. By then Android phones will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows Phone 8 will be out and we’ll be wondering what Apple will be putting into iOS 7.

I’m not surprised that BB10 is late. It felt late when they last showed it off, it left that it was far from being production ready.

Meanwhile, RIM is laying off another 5000 people. The best will be leaving shortly, especially given that there will be a lot of competition for the remaining non-RIM jobs in Waterloo Ontario. Further, one has to wonder whether RIM can really continue to innovate in the long term after losing so much talent. I can’t believe they had that much fat to trim; so a lot of needed good people will be let go of over the next few weeks.

Steve Kovach at Business Insider writes:

We bet it never launches

I have that feeling too.

Speaking with Normal people, non-tech nerds, they’re all looking to trade in their BlackBerries. They all know and feel that RIM has had its day.

It’s very sad, especially for us as a Canadian based company. We know and understand the value of having innovative large companies such as Nortel and RIM within Canada; and it’s very much a loss for the country as a whole.