Respect is the Key Take-Away from the Path Fiasco

Posted on February 9, 2012

Path has changed their application to no-longer upload users’ contacts without permission. MG Siegler made the point that this is standard practice:

Here’s the other key thing: a number of your favorite social apps do the exact same thing. And some have for a very long time — for years, actually.

The fact that there hasn’t been an issue in all these years as a result is a good sign. It shows that these apps, like Path, were simply using the access which iOS provides to strengthen social connections within apps.

However, the fact that this has been standard practice, and there has been no evidence yet of foul play, doesn’t make it right. If you respect your users, you respect their data and their privacy. Part of being the best in the business, building the best products and services, is respecting your users.