More Data Showing that Apple is Winning the Platform War

Posted on June 7, 2012

2012 seems to be the year of Apple. Recently they started gaining market share from Android; and more data has been released showing Apple gaining more ground.

Jay Yarow in Business Insider has reported that data from flurry analytics shows that 69% of new application projects are for iOS devices and only 31% for Android.

Source: Business Insider

Year-on-year Android’s share is down from 37%, hence fewer projects are being started on Android this year than last.

Why is this the case? In the opinion of Digital Possibilities, there are several factors. First and foremost, paid applications are much harder to monetize on Android than on iOS. Developers want (need!) a return on their investment. Two, iOS is cheaper to develop for due to a reduced amount of fragmentation when compared with Android; and three, iOS remains the sexier platform.

According to another report in BusinessInsider by Seth Fiegerman, 38% of people buying an iPhone are switching from Android or BlackBerry; with 23% from Android and 15% from BlackBerry.

Source: Flurry Analytics

What’s astonishing in many ways about this is that BlackBerry is a burning platform and Android is not. You would expect a lot of BlackBerry owners to leave such a platform, but if Android is not burning, why are so many not remaining loyal?

Here are some more interesting statistics from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners’ report:

• 73% of iPhone buyers choose the latest 4S model, 22% for the iPhone 4 and 5% for the 3GS.

• The number of platform switchers has increased from 28% to 38% between February and April of this year.

• 50% of iPhone buyers chose the 16GB model, 34% the 32GB and 16% the 64GB.

What all this means for companies developing mobile applications is that they should continue to target iOS devices first to prove their concepts, and then consider porting it to Android unless they wish to monetize the application through direct sales.