Montréal Mobile Developers Use Apps to Entice New Customers

Posted on April 11, 2012

Mobile applications on the smartphone and tablet can open up your services to a new raft of users. For example, Digital Possibilities has recently been investigating an application within the tourism field close to Montréal in order to do this. The goal of the application would be twofold:

Draw in new participants – having an application can bring in new visitors that would not necessarily have considered participating in what was on offer. This would have targeted a younger, professional demographic from the Greater Montréal and New England areas.

Increase participation amongst existing visitors – the beauty of the application is that it can track ongoing visits and can therefore suggest new attractions based on the taste profile of visitors. It’s a great way to increase engagement and make sure every visitor gets the maximum benefit from the experience.

Addressing such issues locally with Montréal mobile application developers really helps ensure that the specific needs of the target market within the greater Montréal area, Québec, Ontario and New England can be better met.

Moreover, some of the specific issues of the area, such that it is rural with cellphone no-coverage areas and that American visitors won’t have an Internet connection, can be fully appreciated.

Also, the true character of the tourism network, in this case, can be fully understood by the Montréal mobile developers who have previously fully engaged in the experience and can fully determine how best to design applications for it.

The tourism industry is ripe for the exploitation of the rise of mobile applications; the use of GPS and augmented reality leave tourism application developers with many more new options for enhancing visits than ever before.

Moreover, the addition of gamification concepts to mobile applications can make visits even more rewarding and engaging. Gamification needs to be implemented on different levels, from simple entertainment to more serious virtual rewards, in order to address the differing psychological needs of each user. However, gamification must also be implemented within the local customs and traditions to ensure it is appropriate. Hence, designing with local Montréal mobile developers is essential to ensure that this is done effectively.

Creating an application for your business can open many new doors and consolidate existing users. There are many advantages to using local Montréal mobile developers to ensure that your application is best suited to your local market needs.