MG Siegler Really Likes the Android Nexus 7 Tablet

Posted on July 16, 2012

Journalist and VC MG Siegler, who is usually very focused on the Apple world, has posted a review of Google’s Android Nexus 7 tablet on Techcrunch, and he really likes it.

I like the Nexus 7. I really like it.

I was out of town during Google I/O this year and missed the opportunity to see the unveiling and get my hands on the product a few weeks back. But Google was kind enough to give me a Nexus 7 demo unit last week. I’ve given the company credit for this before. For the most part, they don’t mind criticism and genuinely seem to want to build products that all consumers (whether Apple fans or not) will like. And with the Nexus 7, I think they’ve done just that.

Siegler praises the device, both the software and the hardware build quality. But, what’s really striking is that he praises the form factor:

More broadly, the 7-inch tablet further opens the door to true mobile computing. I find myself constantly using it while walking around the house (as opposed to sitting on the couch). And I don’t think twice about shoving it in my bag when I take off for the day (as I sometimes do with my iPad when I have my laptop with me). Many could say the same about the iPad, but in my view, the 7-inch tablet is more desirable in many circumstances simply because it’s — shocker — smaller. 9.7 inches versus 7 inches may not seem like a huge difference. But it is.

Effectively, the smaller tablet devices of 7-8 inches offer a different set of use-cases than a larger 10inch tablet such as the current iPad. At Digital Possibilities, we have previously argued this to be the case, and note that software may well have to be adapted from a 10 inch iPad to make the most of a 7-8 inch tablet version. Indeed, software designed for a more portable mobile phone may make more sense on a smaller tablet form-factor than on a larger tablet.

But for now, Apple’s not in this space. And the clear winner in this space is the Nexus 7.