Make Your Own Passbook Passes

Posted on January 24, 2013

They say that the best way to understand a new concept is to try it out, and at Digital Possibilities we heartily agree with that sentiment.

We believe also that Apple’s Passbook is an important technology that will move us towards the e-wallet nirvana, and that this technology should be embraced by consumers and businesses alike.

Hence we have launched a Passbook Pass generator. We wanted to make it open and easy to use, hence there are no sign-ups necessary, it’s really a case of configuring your pass and receiving it on your iPhone! Easy Peasy.

Take a look now:

Passbook Generator →

When using the Passbook Generator, think about how you may integrate it into your business. Would you like to offer coupons, discounts, a store card, a method of paying for purchases? How would they look? What information might you put on there? What do your customers need?

Using our Passbook Generator can really help you get a handle on some of these concepts and better get a feeling for how Passbook can help your business.

Let us know what you think of the Passbook Generator, what Passes you’ve created, and what ideas it has given you about your business.