iPad 3’s Retina Display better than Kindle

Posted on March 29, 2012

According to a report by Dan Frakes in Macworld, the new iPad’s Retina Display is better to read on than the Kindle’s:

I go a step further: The new iPad is the best device I’ve ever read on.

he new iPad has even made me forego my Kindle e-reader. I’ve long been a Kindle fan, because I’ve felt that when it comes to ebook reading, text just looked better and more paper-like with the Kindle’s e-ink technology than on the backlit screen of an iPhone or iPad. But text is so clear on the new iPad that over the past two weeks, every time I would have previously put the iPad down and reached for my Kindle, I’ve kept the iPad in hand.

The implications of this are enormous for ebooks. I’ve said in the past that most books will become ebooks, and ebooks will become much more interactive because they can be. There is huge value to the reader to complement text with interactivity. When the iPad’s screen beats out eInk, and interactivity can be easily added to ebooks, you know that the future of reading are tablets.

If you’re writing a book today for print or eInk, you’re thinking all wrong. You need to write books today for the iPad.