iPad 3 will be awesome, but no surprise

Posted on March 5, 2012

The iPad 3 is due to be announced on Wednesday of this week, and it’s already pretty clear what will be in it, and that will be no surprise. Yet, the differences will make a great tablet far better.

Here is what we expect to be unveiled on Wednesday:

Retina Display

The iPad 3 will have a retina display. Anyone who has looked at an iPhone 4 and then an iPad 2 can see the difference in quality – the screen on the iPad 2 shows the individual pixels. While not a big issue, it’s clear that the same display will make text sharper and thus easier to read. This will be the biggest new feature of the iPad 3.


Apple has to join the LTE train and the iPad is the best place to start as it can accommodate a larger battery. LTE will suck up more power and data bandwidth, but if you use the iPad outside home, work and cafes, this will be a real boon with faster download speeds. Note too that an LTE iPad will be effectively pre-announcing an LTE iPhone.

Slightly Thicker

Of all the rumours, this one is surprising as Apple tends to try and make their devices progressively thinner. However, if the case is thinker, it will be to accommodate a better battery for LTE models.

Enhanced Processor

The current processor in the iPad 2 will be upgraded to run a bit faster. This will be necessary to run a larger screen resolution and an overall evolution in improving the device.


Apple will retain the home button on the device as it is absolutely essential. A complete overhaul of iOS would be necessary to remove home button and iOS updates are usually announced at WWDC in June.

It’s clear that the major update will be the screen. Is that enough for iPad 2 users to upgrade to iPad 3? Probably not, but new owners will be delighted with the quality of the display and will continue to position the iPad 3  as a leading tablet.

John Gruber on The Talk Show speculated that Apple will present some interesting use cases and maybe some new software applications during the keynote – there could be some very interesting uses there!