iPad 3 will be 4G LTE enabled

Posted on February 14, 2012

According to sources at the Wall Street Journal,and reported by AllthingsD, Apple’s new iPad 3, expected to be unveiled on 7th March will be enabled with 4G LTE services.

This sounds about right to us at Digital Possibilities. The technology has been around for about 12 months so has had some time to mature; hence it might be good enough now to meet Apple’s standards for power consumption, performance and physical size.

What is certain is that a 4G LTE iPad 3 will set expectations for a 4G iPhone 5 to be released later this year. The iPad can probably accommodate larger and more hungry 4G chips, but can the iPhone? That will be the real constraint.

Does iPad need to be 4G?

Can the iPad remain 3G and remain competitive? We certainly believe so, given that most iPads bought only work on WIFI today. Moreover, most users won’t want to pay extra for an additional data plan.

Power users of course will bemoan the lack of 4G, but they are in a minority of users. And to go from selecting iPad, with it’s software ecosystem advantages, to another system just for 4G, would be surprising.