iOS 6 release spurs user demand for Apple Passbook

Posted on September 20, 2012

Digital Possibilities saw a ten-fold increase in website traffic yesterday driven by early adopters looking for Apple Passbook information.

As the available number of passes in the app store remains limited, even including some of those demoed at WWDC 12, such as the Starbucks passbook pass, user demand for those passes is high.

Today there is a window of opportunity for companies that can move fast to have their storecards and digital coupons to be the first available on customer’s iPhones; and from next week on the new iPhone 5. It is the potential to be seen as a digital leader and to be ahead of other competing customers.

Every time I have used the Starbucks application in a store, other customers are amazed and intrigued by the use of a smartphone to pay, and I am convinced that with a system that is as easy to use as passbook, that interest can be converted into a desire to pay electronically. Once you have that connection, you can facilitate customer spending and remove barriers to increased sales.

Now is the time to begin implementing Apple’s passbook for your business.

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