iOS 6 and Fast App Switching

Posted on May 30, 2012

Rene Ritchie at has done a very compressive look at fast app switching methods across the main platforms: iOS, WebOS and Android.

Changing to something better than Pages or Exposé is a huge interface challenge. Those metaphors have become standards because they work, and they make sense.

The current fast app switching view in iOS is a poor implementation on many levels. The double clicking of the home button to activate it is a pain; the extra presses to kill a misbehaving application annoying.

However, the other OSes have elevated fast app switching to feature in order to have a point of differentiation with Apple. Apple’s viewpoint, however, seems more that you should never have to care about multitasking and you shouldn’t see this interface as a replacement for springboard which is what you should really be using.

I for one would appreciate a more solid solution from Apple.