iCloud is Making iOS App Development Cheaper

Posted on October 20, 2012

When iCloud was released by Apple, one of its great promises was to make development cheaper by enabling developers to sync data between different devices without having to create their own backed syncing systems.

Syncing is a difficult problem to solve, so to have open APIs available to developers can be a big help and can help support different use cases between smartphone, tablet and desktop editions of applications while allowing them to have a consistent view of data.

On the latest version of 5by5.tv‘s Build and Analyze, Marco Arment was describing the developments process of his new product The Magazine. What I particularly picked up on was his description of how much of a no-brainer it was to just use iCloud to synchronize reading status between different installations of this magazine application across a reader’s different devices.

Hence iCloud is showing some of its promise, which will make apps for other ecosystems that don’t have iCloud’s sophisticated APIs all that more expensive to build and operate. This is competitive advantage for Apple and iOS developers.