iCloud is a success because it has to be

Posted on February 15, 2012

John Gruber wrote:

Matthew Panzarino, on Cook’s Goldman Sachs appearance:

He also announced that its syncing service iCloud now has over 100M users. Just last month, Cook said that the service had 85M users, making this a growth of 15M users in 21 days.

Maybe this just correlates with the number of new iPhones and iPads sold over the past three weeks, but even if so, it shows that Apple has been successful at getting users to sign up for iCloud. It’s not just early adopters who rushed to sign up when it debuted — it’s millions of new users every week.

Tim Cook mentioned in his Goldman Sacs briefing that iCloud was essential for the company; and indeed it is. While it looks and feels like a piece of electronic plumbing today, as more and more applications use it, and it becomes more sophisticated, iCloud will represent a serious competitive advantage over disparate systems. It makes it easier for developers to build apps that make use of the cloud in a safe, easy way; hence the iOS and Mac systems will have more of these apps. Users love them – just take Evernote as an example.

iCloud everywhere will make the Mac – iPad – iPhone – iCloud ecosystem so strong and so compelling that you will not want to be locked out of it.

Hence, as a first step, Apple has made it really easy to sign up to iCloud, and put it in your face. And indeed, having online back-ups and sync with no cable, for most people that is already a lot of value.