How can Mobility improve your Productivity?

Posted on March 29, 2012

The big question since the dawn of the modern mobile era is how mobile devices can work to improve your productivity. For society, big leaps in wealth tend to come with leaps in productivity, such as the Industrial Revolution, the production line, factory automation and the Internet.

Mobile offers such an opportunity to increase productivity too, to enable us to do more, faster and smarter; and every company will have opportunities to use this technology to improve their business.

The ongoing question is how to approach a mobile project and when? A deep knowledge of different mobile technologies is important to understand how they can be leveraged by a business to improve efficiency and productivity. Such gains can be realized both through customers and employees.

What can a customer do to improve their productivity? A great example is mobile checkins from Air Canada with their iPhone app. It reduces the need for checkin agents on the one hand, and reduces the need to queue for the customer. Both Air Canada and the customer win.

Employee efficiency applications will be specifically targeted towards building efficiencies with a particular business process. These can be production processes, sales processes, customer support processes or maintenance processes. The ability to record information instantly, at a given moment and at a given and recorded place, then have that information instantly transferred elsewhere can bring a whole host of advantages. These range from increasing throughput to increasing customer satisfaction.

What is clear is that companies who wish to be category leaders in their industries will need to have a mobile strategy for their business.