How a Montréal Company can Develop a Mobile App for their Business.

Posted on March 27, 2012

With just a rudimentary understanding of how mobile applications are developed, it can be a daunting affair to initiate a mobile application for a business.

It is often rather difficult to even understand how mobile can assist a business and how mobile can provide value. Certainly companies can become worried that their investment in mobile technology may not pan out as they had expected.

Many smaller companies are typically worried given that such an investment in mobile applications can be a large part of their budgets. This is typically true of many companies in Montréal looking to develop mobile applications. Hence it is of the utmost importance to have a clear view on what a mobile app can do to improve business performance. This is a critical success factor.

Getting to that clarity of ideas is very important, and failing to do so can lead to an application that does not meet the business needs. It is important for a business to partner with a local company that can work with their client to determine the key benefits an application can bring. A Montréal-based mobile app developer can have a depth and frequency of interaction that can provide a great level of value.

The first step in any development then is to ensure that the ideas and objectives an application is supposed to achieve are clear. From these, an application can be designed that will meet those objectives.

Many companies will have a lot of ideas about the features that an application should contain. Yet it is critical to understand that every feature is an investment that will cost money, so it’s value to users and the business needs to be scrutinized. Generally, it is better to meet the most important objectives first with an application that has a limited set of functions; so those functions can be tested in the marketplace and refined if necessary before others are added.

Even the best designs, made by a local Montréal-based mobile application developer, sometimes will not fully meet the objectives set out. This can be for various reasons, from customers not behaving as expected, the design might need tweaking or a key feature may be missing. Hence it is best to start small and limited, test the effectiveness and then build out.

This approach also works well with smaller companies that may have limited budgets as expenditures can be spread out over time; and hopefully the additional revenues brought by the application can be used to accelerate its ongoing development to bring in even more value.

Using local companies, in addition to the benefits of increased collaboration, also mean that local sensibilities can be more easily taken into account. Montréal obviously stands out because it is a very bilingual area, as is the rest of Québec. For most companies, it is important to support both English and French for their application users, even if they are enterprise, B2B or B2C applications. Montréal mobile app developers are well aware of these particularities and are well based to develop applications that take this need into account. Many developers in other unilingual regions often struggle with how best to implement this.

Having discussed the staggered design of a new application, it is also interesting to talk about how such an application can be built in a staggered way. Each “stagger” is effectively a phase, and each phase is then split into smaller blocks called sprints. At the end of each sprint, a small piece of the application is built; and all of those bits will be put together into an application release.

Using locally based Montreal mobile app developers, it is possible to follow the evolution of your application and see it as it is being built. There will also be opportunity to interact with the developers and make any small changes that you, as the client, might feel are necessary.

It’s worth noting that there is a sliding scale of cost associated with making changes to an application. It’s cheapest to make changes during the design phase, cheaper during the build phase, cheap during the test phase and more expensive once the application has been launched.

To summarize, For an application to be successful, it’s important to understand what business objectives it can meet, work with local Montréal-based mobile app developers and keep abreast of how the work is progressing to make sure it meets your needs.