Five Reasons Montreal is a Great Place to Develop Mobile Applications

Posted on August 6, 2012

Montreal is a storied city having lived through many different social-economic phases; some of which have contributed to making Montréal a great place to develop smartphone and tablet applications.

Here are five reasons that make Montréal perfectly suited to developing iPhone and iPad applications:

1. Digital Design Excellence

Montréal has a solid reputation of having some of the most leading edge graphic designers in North America. Given the proliferation of agencies, designers can learn from each other and push the boundaries of what is great design. This will lead to better User Interfaces and User Experience for mobile applications.

2. Strong Universities

Montréal has four major universities, all delivering high-quality graduates every year. This pool of talent enables mobile development companies such as Digital Possibilities to hire some of the best quality people in North America and efficiently produce great applications.

3. Proximity to the Eastern Seaboard

From Montréal, it is easy and rapid to connect with customers from within Québec, Ontario and Boston and New York; not forgetting the rest of New England. It is possible to visit customers on a regular basis and have the in-person discussions that result in the highest quality applications.

4. Cost Advantage of Developing in Montréal

Mobile application developers in the United States, particularly those in Silicon Valley, are now very, very expensive. Developing applications in Montréal is relatively advantageous from a base cost point of view. Adding into that the possibility of gaining research and development grants from the Canadian and Québec governments, Montréal becomes a very attractive place to develop applications.

5. Cultural Advantages

Montréal has a special place in North America. It is the only major city that is to all intents and purposes bilingual; and has a large multi-cultural mix of people. This allows mobile projects to viewed through many different lenses, ensuring that the finished product will adapt well to many different markets. Particularly with multi-lingual target markets where the sensitivity to different languages is important.

Montréal has a great many advantages for companies looking for mobile development, and should be on the list of any organization looking to make the most of smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone and iPad for their organizations.