Facebook’s Phone

Posted on May 28, 2012

Henry Blodget at Business Insider has written a post about how Facebook’s forey into a mobile phone would be a disaster.

If Facebook is serious about jumping into making smartphones with both feet this time, Facebook investors should be very afraid.

I tend to agree with Henry. There are so many elements that make a mobile phone platform attractive, that it’s so difficult to replicate. Just ask RIM or Microsoft. With iCloud, to be competitive you need excellent offerings on the desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and TV. It will take a lot for facebook to replicate that.

Facebook does not need to own the full platform stack, rather they need to own the full social experience on each existing major platform. So better integration into iOS, for example, would be a good thing.

Hence, they should concentrate on what they’re good at – making a great social experience. The first thing they should do? Make a fantastic native iOS facebook app to replace the horrible slow web mash-up they have now.