Delighting Users Forever

Posted on March 2, 2012

A consistently successful application can be one that has a particular use for which it excels; but oftentimes these apps are also successful because they delight their users.

This delight can be in small ways, in how well the application works, in how it makes life easy, or in how it looks. Evernote delights because a note created on an iPhone appears instantly on a PC, Path delights because it’s animations are beautiful and navigation is smooth and rapid and Apple’s maps application delights because it tells you where traffic jams are.

When designing applications, it’s important to bear in mind how we can delight our users on an ongoing basis – make the application better at what it does, make it easier to navigate and make it prettier. It’s great to launch with all this in place, but oftentimes we need to work at it through evolution of the app to make it better. We need to improve the UI, remove friction and understand how our users are gaining value from it so we can make it better at that function.