Consumer Reports Cries Wolf

Posted on March 27, 2012

Business Insider is not known for its support of Apple products, but they have come out heavily against Consumer Reports treatment of the iPad heat-gate.

But it turns out that the “new iPad gets too hot” thing was just a bunch of hot air.

PCWorld did its own tests. Here’s what it found:
• Yes, the new iPad runs modestly hotter than the old iPad, but only modestly
• The new iPad doesn’t get any hotter than other tablets, namely Android
• The new iPad doesn’t get as hot as many laptops, including Macs

Consumer Reports has taken a small increase in iPad heat to increase their notoriety. They did the same with the iPhone 4 Antennagate last year which had no measurable impact on iPhone sales. This year again Consumer Reports cried wolf – next year when they do it again no one will listen to them. Consumer Reports is finished.