Canada’s Smartphone Penetration Reaching 50%

Posted on March 26, 2012

A new article from eMarketeer suggests that almost 50% of Canadians will have smartphones in 2012 with 62% projected to have one by 2016. These are big numbers for anyone interested in reaching the Canadian population or doing business in Canada.

The graph from eMarketeer shows that overall mobile phone ownership is expected to rise, but within that, the number of users with a smartphone is expected to rise too. Here’s the thing though, as smartphones are becoming cheaper, many people will simply take them to replace their existing feature phones and will see the smartphone extras as simple “nice-to-haves.” This group of users will probably not be large consumers of mobile data or applications, but still will be a group that it will be worthwhile addressing.

Businesses need to be prepared for this huge opportunity to reach out; mobile is becoming a very, very important channel and having a presence there is of utmost importance.