B2B Whitepapers must change radically in 2013 to stay relevant

Posted on January 23, 2013

The whitepaper is a very important part of the business to business marketeer’s toolset. It enables a company to describe and educate potential customers about the potential of their product.

Whitepapers traditionally have been distributed as printed pieces, or their online equivalent, the Adobe PDF.

Why Whitepapers are Changing.

The way people are reading is changing. Probably before, you’d print out a whitepaper and ready it one paper, but now you can skip that step and just read it on your tablet.


Yes, the iPad is the new paper.

So here’s the thing, if you are creating a whitepaper that will be read on a device that has internet access, a colour screen, supports interactivity, sound and video, shouldn’t you be including elements that take advantage of this in your whitepaper?

Oh yes. And so the penny drops.

The iPad is huge for B2B marketeers because we can now use interactive elements to better describe our products and solutions. Videos, interactive diagrams, interviews, images and links to websites.

A Whitepaper Written as a PDF in 2013 is an Abomination

Let’s lay it down. Anyone writing any whitepaper (or book for that matter) that is not written around the capabilities of a tablet is performing a criminal act.

Apple has Made it Easy for You

At the beginning of 2012, Apple launched iBooks Author to enable anyone to write interactive ebooks. Anyone. That includes you, dear B2B Marketeer.

iBooks Author is relatively accessible, so anyone can get their company’s whitepapers in an iBooks format for distribution. You can also generate a PDF version without the interactivity for those without a tablet.

It is another increasing advantage of the Apple ecosystem and their ability to make it easier and easier to create great content. All marketeers should be really excited by this and planning their 2013 whitepapers.

See How We’ve Done it

Our whitepaper is available from our website. See how we have positioned the tablet version as well as a PDF copy for those who don’t have access to an iPad. At Digital Possibilities we can even help you with yours. Give us a call.