Apple’s Research Uncovers Why People Buy Android Phones

Posted on August 14, 2012

Apple, like many others, was curious as to why people choose to buy Android phones. You can understand why the company may have some difficulty in understanding why consumers would make another choice than the iPhone.

This is true for me too. As a reply to most requests for a recommendation, I suggest Apple’s phone for several reasons. For many Americans, however, they feel that an Android device would better suit their needs.

Business Insider published an article with data Apple provided during its on-going patent battle with Samsung on the reasons why people have chosen Android.

It turns out that the primary reason was to remain with their carrier. It would lend credence to the theory that Apple made a strategic error in keeping exclusivity with AT&T for far too long. It also shows that Google has a large brand equity amongst B2C customers and their users.

However, apart from that, there was not a strong feature or set of features that drove customers to the Android platform, which is useful to know when designing applications and determining mobile use-cases for Android devices.