Android Tablets Still Not Going Anywhere

Posted on February 11, 2012

Figures from the USA Today’s application downloads bring evidence that Android tablets have not yet been heavily adopted. What’s striking is that the Kindle Fire has a lot more downloads than base Android, even though Android tablets have about 9 months head-start on the Kindle. That shows the platform is not getting traction.

Android Tablet USA Today adoption is low


To put this into context, the short lived HP Touchpad had nearly twice as many downloads as the Android tablet.

I would not be surprised to see Microsoft’s Windows on ARM for tablets easily outselling Android tablets in 2013 and becoming the second-ranked player on the market for productivity tablets (as opposed to consumption tablets like the Kindle Fire).

As for iOS numbers, they speak for themselves – the iPad is clearly leading the market. Hence in any application development for tablets, it makes sense to concentrate on iOS, prove the concept and then roll out to other environments.